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A Day in Your Life with Automated Lighting

Blog - July 9 2020

When you think of smart lighting technology, you may recall people clapping their hands to switch lights on and off. While it was revolutionary, it was also somewhat annoying. But smart lighting has made leaps and bounds past the need to clap your hands like a party trick. Now, it can streamline your daily life in any way you can imagine.

Rise & Shine

The grating sound of an alarm is enough to start the day off on the wrong foot. Instead, imagine your motorized shades silently rising at a programmed time to allow the early morning sun to stir you awake. Color-tuned lights can slowly come alive in a shade of blue-white to emulate a bright sky to energize your body and mind and help you feel ready to get the day started.

Blog - July 9 2020 - Control4 Panel

Off to Work

With your morning routine finished, it’s time to rush out the door. You won’t waste a second in turning off lights with smart lighting control. Your automation system’s app can be controlled via voice, a programmed timed setting, or with a simple tap, allowing you to switch off lights and lower the blinds on your way out the door. Not only does this save you time, but it saves energy and consequently, money too.

During the Day

With the whole family away at work or school from around nine to five, break-ins are more likely to occur at this peak time. However, you can utilize your lighting as a security tool! Schedule your system to switch lights on and off or fluctuate the motorized shades in main areas or side rooms to give outsiders the impression that someone is always moving around the house. This will discourage potential burglars from making your home a target, meaning you can keep your home safe even when you’re away.

Relax & Unwind

After a long day, you’ll want to return home to an inviting house full of light. By scheduling your landscape lights to automatically switch on at sundown, you’ll never return to a dark house. As you walk through the door, you can use voice command to switch on the lights in whatever rooms you want. Remember those lights that were blue-white the morning? Because they’re tunable LEDs, now they’re a soft golden hue in the dining room to set a relaxing atmosphere for dinner and a glass of wine. 

Blog - July 9 2020 - Control4 Switch

Sweet Dreams

Climb into bed whenever you’re ready to sleep and switch off all the home’s lights from your pillow through voice command. If the urge to use the bathroom, grab a glass of water, or tend to a child wakes you in the night, you can use your lighting system’s phone or tablet app to turn on hallways lights at a low brightness that provides visibility but doesn’t startle you awake. You’ll always be able to adjust your settings to create the perfect home for you.

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